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The Paganini of the breaded cutlet

It was time for the pride of the restaurant, the breaded cutlet. I love it when it’s prepared well from juicy meat. Fledermaus, the soft, juicy meat from the hind inner thigh of the pig, is just the right kind of meat for it. Here, it arrives cut into two halves in panko breadcrumbs.  These Japanese breadcrumbs make everything crispier. It tasted good, although it hadn’t been fried evenly, the meat stayed moist. It was really good.
We appreciated the classic floating islands (madártej in Hungarian) the most from the dessert selection. It came with no frills, but there are some dishes that don’t need extras. We should be delighted that the dessert is always featured on the menu.
All in all, it was a great lunch. Well-defined flavours, thoughtful and, at times, playful presentation. I still had a feeling that the quality was somewhat damaged by their efforts to meet expectations at any cost. They only have to live up to their own standard and it’ll all be fine. They’re good at what they do.

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Our dinner at 67 Restaurant and Bistro in Székesfehérvár

For quite a while I had no idea that Fehérvár was hiding such a treat for fans of the culinary arts in its centre. I love the centre of town, it’s pleasant, relaxed, and classic. The renovation of the Hiemer house was completed in August 2008, when it became visible even for ordinary people. It’s the perfect location for a restaurant. Excellent.

The interior is a pleasing combination of rustic and modern design. The chairs are comfortable and the setting is clear and simple. The diverse menu features both Hungarian and international dishes. I chose the mushroom soup from the soup selection. The density of the soup spot on, nothing could shadow the mushrooms. The porcini was intense, just the way I like it. The lovely green oil adorned the soup tastefully, and complemented the flavour of the soup. If I had to rate it, I wouldn’t hesitate to give 5/5.

I took my time picking a main course, I couldn’t decide between fish and meat dishes. Eventually, I chose meat. I had another dish with mushrooms, beef Stroganoff with porcini and buttered noodles. In a word, divine.

The prices are affordable, and I couldn’t criticize anything overall. All the dishes were delicious, I liked everything. The atmosphere is great, and I especially enjoyed the life accordion music that added a little extra to our dinner. We’ll surely be back for more!

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Progressive cuisine

We didn’t visit the Székesfehérvár restaurant on a whim. We found it on the 2011 list of the best restaurants in Hungary, recommended by the Dining Guide. 67 was in the top 5 of the “innovative Hungarian cuisine” category. Our interest was well and truly piqued.

The title of the review called 67 “the Paganini of the breaded cutlet”. I have to agree, for the cutlet in panko breadcrumbs is truly exceptional. It’s fresh, crispy and tasty, it’s like the breaded cutlet one dreams of but finds very rarely in reality. So a visit is highly recommended for this, and for a lot of other reasons.

We loved the smooth yet intense “forest mushroom soup with basil pesto.” It had no trace of the cream profusion that ruins most of the Hungarian cream soups. The “67 Angus steak tartar with green salad and Dijon mustard ice cream” was flawless. We couldn’t have enough of the mustard ice cream. Do I need to go on with how excellent the “cutlet in panko breadcrumbs” was? When it comes to how amazing the “mangalitza tenderloin”, I do need to keep on praising it. Its quality, texture and flavour set a new standard of excellence.

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Quest for the best breaded cutlet

I went shopping in Fehérvár last week. I decided it was high time I visited the local top restaurant. At 2 p.m. I walked to the centre and stopped in front of the entrance of 67.

The grilled tomino cheese with beetroot and grilled tomatoes is simply beautiful. The inside of the cheese is melted, two types of beetroots and tomatoes and delicious rocket adorn the plate. The latter is perhaps rarer than Omaha steak…

Regarding the renowned breaded cutlet of the house, I ask the server if it’s available in small portions. He nods, so I order. Every last bite of meat is juicy, the panko coat with salt shavings is satisfyingly crispy, and I’m inclined to think it’s made of tenderloin. The garnish is simple and brilliant.

I take a gamble with the dessert. I’m torn between floating islands and somlói sponge cake. The server calls the former a built construction, and it’s a beautiful layered thing indeed garnished with great chocolate syrup. Two soft sponge slices, cream with real vanilla, crispy chocolate on top, good-quality, not too sweet syrup – what more could anyone want?

I must say it was worth it. The quality of the dishes is worthy of high praise.

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Recommended: 67 Restaurant

We were on holiday in Székesfehérvár, and we started to think about which restaurants to visit during our stay. I happened upon 67, and after a short research I learnt that the Dining Guide featured it on its list of the top 10 restaurants. So we were decided.
We booked a table for the following day, and when we arrived a large group of tourists was sitting inside. So we only found a table outside, which was a bit disappointing in the 35 degree heat. Nevertheless, we had a very exciting lunch ahead of us. It’s important to note that the images have not been altered. The dishes looked exactly this bright and appetizing.

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