Zoltán Herczeg

Owner of 67 in Székesfehérvár, culinary consultant

„In the kitchen we only use low-calorie carbohydrates, small amounts of vegetable oils rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and the raw materials are exposed to gentle heat for a short period.
Thus we can preserve their natural nutrient and vitamin content. We only work with fresh, quality-controlled, additives-free materials, excluding hormone or genetically modified foods. I know that the first priority of healthy eaters is to avoid restaurants where dishes are prepared in ways their diets do not allow. It is important to us that they can have lunch or dinner at ours without any guilt.
Gastronomy does not end with the plate. Gastronomy for us is what terroir is for wine. What is above and below us. The presentation, the conversation, the wine. I’d probably be happy if at a wine dinner everybody from the chef to the waiter felt how uplifting quality can be. If everybody understood. If everybody realized that everything from the plate through the cutlery to the glass of wine and superb dishes cooked from the best ingredients is a key to our quality of life. It is not important so that we can boast about it, but so that we can live a more wholesome, more complete life.
- Is this not elitism?
- Yes. It is elitism in the sense that I want to get the best out of everything. I owe it to my life that I complete it through quality. It doesn’t mean that I couldn’t find pleasure in mid-range butter, fresh bread, and an ok wine when standing in front of the fridge in my underpants. That’s pleasure, too. I don’t drink top wines every day of the week. I rather collect grand wines. I wouldn’t dare open them by myself. That requires knowledgeable friends and the right moment…”

Team of 67

Zoltán Herczeg – owner

István Volenter – chef

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