Born in 67

Róbert Alföldi

Hungarian actor and director who won the Jászai Mari-Award. He was the head of  the National Theatre, tried himself directing different kind of acts for example drama or opera as well as musical, puppet-play and fashion show.

Benicio Del Toro

Academy award winning actor and producer from Puerto Rico. He appeared on television series in the late 80s, playing mostly felon characters in series of NBC or in Miami Vice. He appeared on Madonna’s music video, La isla Bonita.

Carla Bruni

Italian born model, singer, songwriter, who also got the French citizenship. Wife of the French President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy.

David Guetta

French music producer and house DJ. In 2011 the DJ Magazin electid him the Nr1 DJ on the TOP 100 DJ’s list.

Tamás Darnyi

Four-time Olympic gold medalist Hungarian swimmer, and sport leader. He won four times the World Champion and the European Champion. He reached the World and the European record progression 200 m and 400 m medley several times. He is the first swimmer in the world who achieved the 200-meter medley time within two minutes.

Zoltán Herczeg

Owner of 67 and Bruno & Bruno, culinary consultant.

Géza Ipacs

Graphic designer, marketing consultant, and artist. Head of Apaccs Studio. He designed more than a 500 pieces wine labels collection. He is continously working on how to surprise the wine consumer with his wine labels.

Jamie Foxx

American actor, comedian, singer and songwriter. In 2005 he earned the Golden Globe, the BAFTA and the Academy award for playing Ray Charles in the film Ray.

Julia Roberts

Academy award winner American actress. She earned her first real success in Pretty Woman, she played a prostitute on the side of Richard Gere. The portrayal of Erin Brockovich was the first time she won the Academy Award. Roberts was the first woman in the $ 20 million club when she signed this contract sum for Erin Brockovich.

Kurt Cobain

Lead singer, songwriter and guitar player of the Seattle rock band called Nirvana. He was the band’s frontman, primary lyricist, and the spiritual center. The most popular hit of Nirvana was Smells Like Teen Spirit. The music media spoke about this song as an anthem for this generation. The last years of his life he became a drug addict. He was found dead in his home 8th April 1994. The cause of death: suicide committed with headshot.

András Lovasi

Kossuth Prize-winning Hungarian musician and singer. The frontman singer, bassist, and songwriter of “Kispál és a Borz”, the band was founded in 1987. Guitar player, singer and composer Kiscsillag, the band was founded in 2005.

Matt Leblanc

American actor, the most popular character he has ever played was Joey Tribbiani in Friends. He earned three nominations for Emmy, and for Golden Globe, in 2012 won the Golden Globe award for his play in Episodes as the best television series musical or comedy.

Noel Gallagher

English musician, the main composer, solo guitarplayer, lead singer, second singer, producer of Oasis, also designed the booklet for the albums, and he was the one who gave interviews in the name of the whole band till 2010.

Nicole Kidman

Oscar- and Golden Globe-winner Australian-Amerian actress, former model, and singer. In her homeland, Australia she was already a well-known actress, when she became worldwide known because of her role in Dead Calm. She played several notable movies of Hollywood, she is one of the most popular stars of our times.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

American actor and director. In 2005 he earned the Golden Globe, the BAFTA and the Academy Award for the Best Actor portrayed Truman Capote in Capote. He had a great sense of playing unbalanced and weird characters. He died in 2014 because of drug intoxication.

Vin Diesel

American actor, producer and screen-writer. He loves playing real “tough guys”, but the dramatic performances are also for his taste. Despite of the early difficulties he became a real superstar.

György Jaksity

Economist. In 1993 he founded the Concorde Securities Ltd. with other partners. Since then he is the managing director, in 1997 he also became the Chairman of the Board of Directors. He participated in the establishment of the Budapest Stock Exchange, and was the president of the exchange from 2002 to 2004. In 2007 he got the Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Attila Szűcs

Painter. Iconic member of the presence contemporary art scene of the 90s. His pictures represent the classical tradition of painting, but he has his own mature style with his post-conceptualist approach as an innovative creator. In 2011 he was nomited for the Leopold Bloom Art Award.

Attila Tálos

Co-founder of Bortársaság (Wine Society), one of the leading wine distributor company of Hungary with his more than 3 billion HUF turnover of the last years. They are aiming to introduce the new talented Hungarian and foreign wine producers and being a reliable and professional representative of them.

Dr. György Lőrincz

Owner, winemaker and managing director St. Andrea Winery. He was already the Most Popular Winemaker of the Year and in Poland the Wino magazine donated him the title „Man of the Year”. He was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary, and won the Winemaker of the Year title by the Hungarian Wine Academy which is the most prestigious professional recognition.

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